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U.S. Rivals Have Been Accusing Huawei of Stealing Tech for a Long Time

As the U.S. government’s battle against Huawei intensifies, the Wall Street Journal published a story that looks into numerous lawsuits in which the Chinese tech giant was accused of stealing trade secrets from American competitors such as Cisco and Motorola.

In the process of copying Cisco’s products, for example, Huawei even included bugs in the U.S. firm’s software and typos in its manuals, the Journal reported. 

The story provides colorful details behind the U.S. government’s allegations against Huawei, though many of the basic allegations have been previously reported. President Donald Trump earlier this month decided to block Huawei’s access to American components and software, in a move that could limit the Chinese company’s overseas expansion. 

The story notes that some U.S. companies stopped pursing theft allegations because they were afraid they’d lose access to China’s market. Huawei, meanwhile, is trying to fight back.

In an interview with Bloomberg TV, Huawei CEO Ren Zhengfei, a former Chinese army engineer who founded the company in 1987, said it was more likely that the U.S. was stealing Huawei’s technology. “If we were behind, Trump wouldn’t need to make so many efforts to attack us. He attacks us because we are now more advanced than them.” 

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