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Comcast in Talks to Sell Hulu Stake

Comcast is moving closer to divesting itself of Hulu. This story from CNBC says the company is now actively in talks with majority owner Disney to sell off its remaining stake in the streaming service. There isn’t a clear timeline, though a sale looks like a fait accompli with the only debate inside Comcast concerning whether it makes sense to do it now, or later.

This move was obvious from the moment Disney acquired the Hulu stake owned by 21st Century Fox, getting 60% control of the company and leaving Comcast with a now-useless minority share. Before that deal, there was a time when executives inside Comcast wanted to buy Hulu outright once regulatory restrictions on its management role stemming from its purchase of NBCUniversal were lifted. But Bob Iger outmaneuvered them. Disney has been a bit vague about its Hulu plans, being somewhat hamstrung in not owning the whole service outright. No doubt it’s trying to make this deal happen as quickly as possible. 

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