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Trump to Sign Executive Order on AI

President Trump is expected to sign an executive order Monday directing federal agencies to support development of AI, a sign that the US wants to remain the world leader in developing cutting edge technologies such as AI, 5G, quantum computing and advanced manufacturing. The order, which Trump will sign Monday afternoon, says that the White House will provide “high-level guidance” to agencies about AI regulation, research and development, workforce training, federal government data set sharing and international competitiveness. The order does not reveal specific funding numbers.

In a call with reporters Sunday, a Trump administration official said ethical concerns such as potential bias, job losses and civil liberties issues will be taken into account when considering governance of AI systems. The government wants to consider how AI can be used in everything from defense to health care to national security, the official said. Recently, major companies have been calling on the federal government to develop nationwide standards for the use of AI, including Microsoft and Google. In 2016, the Obama administration also released a strategic plan on AI.

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