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Marissa Mayer Starts Consumer-Focused Lumi Labs in Google’s Old Office

Marissa Mayer is back. Yahoo‘s former CEO started a firm called Lumi Labs in Google’s old office in Palo Alto, according to this interview with The New York Times. It’s her first since leaving Yahoo after Verizon’s acquisition last year.

Without giving many details on Lumi Labs, she said that she has some ideas for the consumer space and has been meeting founders in the sector. That leaves us wondering whether Lumi Labs is a venture capital fund, which she could easily fund with the $186 million ‘golden parachute’ she reportedly received after leaving Yahoo.

What’s most surprising about this interview, which goes through her career at Google and Yahoo, is her view on the #metoo impact on Silicon Valley. While wishing that the gender gap is fixed quickly, she voiced concerns that what happened in the past year might deter women from pursuing careers in technology. Anybody who is spending a lot of time with investors and founders in Silicon Valley, like myself, would report that there has never been so much momentum and opportunities for women in tech. Or at least that’s how it feels. 


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