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State AG Google Antitrust Probe Is 50 Strong

Attorneys general for 50 U.S. states and territories are part of a probe investigating Google for potential antitrust violations, a group of them announced today on the steps of the Supreme Court in Washington. 

The attorneys general, lead by Texas AG Ken Paxton, said the investigation is supposed to largely focus on Google’s advertising business, though it could later extend to other areas such as search and privacy. Paxton said the AGs are working in coordination with the federal government, but that theirs is an entirely separate investigation and could have a different outcome. The AGs kicked off the investigation today by sending Google an extensive request for records in connection with their probe.

State AGs speaking at Monday’s conference reiterated that the bipartisan group disagree on many policy issues but that coming together to address this topic illustrates their level of concern over the size and reach of Google, though they said the company is presumed innocent of  any wrongdoing.

The only two U.S. states to not announce their participation today are California, where Google parent company Alphabet is located, and Alabama. 


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