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Asia Policy

Congressman Calls for More Scrutiny of Corporate Funding for Academic Research

Congressman Jim Banks on Friday called for closer scrutiny of corporate funding for university research, after The Information published an article detailing Huawei’s extensive support of UC Berkeley research projects. 

Banks, a Republican from Indiana, called for the Defense Department to set up program to monitor academic research and engineering activities related to national defense, and in some cases partly funded by the DoD.

“This starts with knowing who is working on these projects and preventing individuals who desire to exploit United States science and technology from having access,” Banks said in a statement. 

Documents published by The Information earlier this week show that Huawei donated nearly $1.5 million to fund various UC Berkeley research projects earlier this year. The gifts were made after campus officials announced a moratorium on accepting new funding Huawei, in the wake of criminal indictments against the Chinese telecom giant and its CFO.

Banks, along with Senator Marco Rubio, called last year for an investigation into Huawei’s research partnerships with more than 50 U.S. universities, saying the arrangements posed a threat to national security. In his statement Friday, Banks said that when companies such as Huawei and ZTE sponsor cutting-edge research, “the United States is unknowingly giving away our technological edge.”


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