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Apple Officially Invites Press to Its TV Unveiling

Apple’s plunge into television (and other media) is now official (almost). The company invited reporters to an event on March 25 with the tagline: It’s Showtime. It was a barely veiled reference to its long reported plans to build a TV service that streams original content. Apple is also expected it to unveil a magazine and newspaper subscription service, built off the back of its acquisition of Texture.

While so much of Apple’s new ventures tend to get leaked long in advance, there’s still quite a bit about the TV service that we don’t know. For example, it’s unclear which shows among the original series it commissioned it will be previewing, or how many will be available at launch (or really, when the service will be rolled out to the public). For a non-iPhone release event, there’s unusually high stakes attached to this one. Apple is leaning into its services business now, as iPhone sales slow. So whether or not Apple’s long-term TV plans pan out, there will be a lot to watch on stage at the end of the month.

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