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Netflix Launches Show Previews for iOS

Netflix is ramping up the marketing of its shows—at least within the app. The company rolled out a new feature that displays 30-second trailers of shows in a special row within the app. So far it’s only for the iOS version, but the company said it will be pushing it out to Android as well. Netflix has had trailers before, which it integrates into its Roku app (although not the AppleTV one) For the phone app, the trailers are vertical, which takes advantage of the natural way people hold their phones. Marketing, even in this small way, is a big deal for Netflix. Many creators worry that their programs will be lost in the voluminous trove of content. While Netflix has said it’s going to be marketing its shows more through traditional channels (and it reportedly bid on a billboard company) this may help people find new programs they otherwise would have skipped over. As much credit as Netflix has gotten for its algorithmic recommendation, they have a discoverability problem that they’re working to address.


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