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Pelosi: Facebook ‘Willing Enablers’ of Russians in 2016

The woman second in line to the presidency said Facebook’s refusal to take down an altered video of her in which she appears to be slurring her words makes her doubt the company’s assertion that they were unwitting victims of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a Democrat from California, told KQED that by leaving the video up, Facebook is “lying to the public.” Facebook will certainly bristle at the latest criticism from the high-ranking lawmaker, who, though she has many tech companies in her San Francisco-based district, hasn’t backed down from questioning big tech companies. Ms. Pelosi’s comments add to the growing political pressure on Facebook to do something about the video.

Ms. Pelosi said: “I think they have proven—by not taking down something they know is false—that they were willing enablers of the Russian interference in our election.” Facebook has stood by its decision to keep the video on the site, though third-party fact checkers have dubbed it “false” and the company has reduced its distribution. YouTube took the video down last week, saying it broke the site’s terms of service.

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