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Asia Telecom

Huawei Seeks Patent Payment From Verizon

Huawei has told U.S. telecom carrier Verizon Communications to pay licensing fees for more than 200 of the Chinese company’s patents, the Wall Street Journal reported. Such fees, in total, could amount to more than $1 billion, Reuters reported.

The move comes amid escalating political tensions between the U.S. and China. Last month, President Donald Trump decided to block Huawei’s access to U.S. technology. Huawei’s telecom equipment is banned in the U.S. due to concerns that it could be used by Beijing to spy on Americans. The U.S. also has accused the Chinese firm of stealing trade secrets. Huawei has denied the allegations.

Over the past several years, Huawei has increased its share of technology patents that are related to next-generation wireless networks, posing a potential threat to Qualcomm and other Western companies that have traditionally dominated such patents. 


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