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Amazon E-commerce

Amazon’s Marketplace Littered With Unsafe Products

Amazon has had so much trouble policing its marketplace that The Wall Street Journal was able to discover more than 4,000 items for sale on the site that have been deemed unsafe by federal agencies, from toys to supplements containing illegally imported prescription drugs.

The story is worth a read and is filled with examples of products that customers have had poor experiences with. In response, Amazon posted a blog outlining the various measures it takes to ensure products in the so-called Everything Store comply with laws and are safe.

This isn’t the first story to outline all the problems that have cropped up on Amazon’s marketplace, which the WSJ story describes as a “flea market.” But it is among the most detailed accounts of just how deep Amazon’s marketplace problems run.

Still, various consumer surveys recently have found that people still trust Amazon. It’s unclear whether the kinds of horror stories outlined in the story will be enough to convince customers that the convenience of shopping on Amazon isn’t worth it.

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