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Daily Beast Launching Paid Membership Business

Everyone who’s anyone in media these days seems to want a subscription option. The newest is The Daily Beast, which is launching a $100 plan that gives subscribers early looks at some stories, the behind-the-scenes details on the reporting process and other features like an exclusive podcast. 

Daily Beast, which is owned by IAC, isn’t really committing full-bore to the subscription business. The site is still free and unpaywalled; so unlike media companies like Wired or Bloomberg that have implemented metered paywalls, this looks more like it’s aimed at hardcore fans of the site that want a bit more content and are willing to pay up.

This Digiday story quotes a Daily Beast executive saying that direct ad sales has doubled in the past year, so the company still feels it has room to grow in that area. With that in mind, the question becomes: will the company really put its muscle behind the new effort?

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