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VMware Buys Startup Founded by Ex-Googlers Who Created Kubernetes

VMware is acquiring Heptio, a two-year-old startup founded by two former Google employees who created Kubernetes, a type of open-source software that automates management of large numbers of applications running in containers, Heptio said in a blog post. Terms of the deal weren’t disclosed. 

The deal shows that VMware is committed to supporting containers, a type of software which lets applications run across multiple machines and on different cloud providers without changing their underlying code. That’s notable because a couple of years ago, containers looked poised to take a big bite out of VMware’s core business of “server virtualization,” which allows multiple applications and operating systems to run on a single machine. 

In addition to bringing Heptio co-founders Joe Beda and Craig McLuckie into the fold, the acquisition will bring VMware the largest pool of Kubernetes engineers outside of Google and Red Hat, according to Joseph Jacks, founder and general partner of OSS Capital, a VC firm focused on open-source companies.

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