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How Tesla Dealt With a Whistleblower

This article in Bloomberg Businessweek shows what can happen when Tesla CEO Elon Musk gets upset. Less than a year ago, a Tesla employee at Tesla’s battery factory in Nevada named Martin Tripp said he tried to warn superiors and others that there was too much scrap metal and battery parts being dangerously strewn across the factory, and some bad batteries were ending up in Tesla cars. When he was...

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The Investors Who Face Big Losses From the Quibi Collapse
The Investors Who Face Big Losses From the Quibi Collapse

On Wednesday, video startup Quibi told its investors that it will shut down, a dramatic collapse of a digital media startup that launched just six months ago. Now those investors—from Quibi CEO Meg Whitman to Google, Facebook and J.P. Morgan—are facing losses and figuring out what they may recoup from the flop.

Quibi revealed to investors Wednesday afternoon that, after paying ...

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