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Facebook Won’t Take Down Doctored Pelosi Video

A widely circulated video of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi doctored to make it seem like she was slurring her words is testing the boundaries of Facebook’s attempts to filter out misleading content, with the company saying Friday that false information alone doesn’t break the site’s rules. Meanwhile, YouTube took down the video, saying it broke the platform’s terms of service.

That a doctored video of a prominent politician was able to be seen by millions of people—and that tech platforms differed on what to do about it—highlights the challenges social media companies face over content moderation practices.

The video, which was first reported by the Washington Post, drew criticism from Democratic lawmakers. A Facebook spokesman said that the company doesn’t have a policy that stipulates that information posted on the platform must be true. Facebook noted that it reduced the video’s distribution on the News Feed and added context from third-party fact checkers, one of whom dubbed it “false.”

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