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Apple Pulls Back on Some iOS 13 Privacy Rules

In June, Apple announced a number of privacy changes to the upcoming iPhone operating system, iOS 13. Now, just before iOS 13 launches alongside its latest iPhones, the tech giant is relaxing some of these rules following complaints from developers.

For Sign in with Apple, the company’s privacy-centric single sign-in system for apps, it’s giving exemptions to certain categories, such as an app using its own sign-in system or a business app that requires users to login using an existing account. This is important because when Sign in with Apple was first announced, it said it would be requiring all apps that offer rival single sign-ons to also include Apple’s.

Apple is also updating rules relating to kids apps. In iOS 13, Apple would have stopped apps from collecting analytics information or displaying ads. Developers of these kinds of apps complained the rules would have destroyed their ability to make money. Apple is giving these developers for kids apps another six months to be in full compliance with the new rules.

These policy changes show Apple was maybe a little too fervent in its approach to privacy in iOS 13. It ended up creating a lot of problems for developers, and in some cases made privacy more difficult, such as in the case of changes to a developer tool called PushKit and encrypted messaging apps, as previously covered by The Information.


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