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Huawei Employee Arrested in Poland for Alleged Spying

Polish authorities have arrested a Huawei employee for alleged spying on behalf of a Chinese agency, the Wall Street Journal reported Friday, citing local media. The employee, a Chinese national, is a sales director at Huawei’s office in Poland, according to the Journal.

The arrest comes as Huawei, one of the world’s largest makers of telecommunications networking equipment as well as cellphones, is coming under more scrutiny by the U.S. and other Western governments amid fears that Beijing could use the Chinese company for espionage. The U.S. effectively banned the use of Huawei’s equipment by major American telecom carriers years ago, citing security concerns. Separately, the U.S. has been investigating Huawei for possible violations of federal laws restricting technology exports to sanctioned countries such as Iran. 

It is still unclear what kind of evidence Polish authorities have found. But the arrest could cause more countries to further tighten their controls over Chinese companies’ business activities. A Huawei spokesman said that the company is aware of the situation in Poland, but declined to comment on it. 


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