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Apple Stock Continues Falling, Unlike Facebook and Google

Apple shares continued their slide on Tuesday, falling about 5% and helping drag down the overall market for the second day in a row. But despite the headlines about tech stocks selling off, the market fall on Tuesday didn’t affect either Alphabet or Facebook, both of which were up very slightly. In one sense, that’s not surprising. Both began trending down—in Facebook’s case, sharply—a few months ago, as criticism of their user privacy policies first began to hit home.

Apple, meanwhile, kept climbing. But it is now suffering amid signs that iPhone demand is weakening. For the year to date, Apple stock is still up slightly, while Alphabet and Facebook are both down. Another tech stock to rise was Snap, which has been pummeled in recent months but on Tuesday seemed to be helped by a report of its new Spectacles product. Snap shares were up five cents.

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