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Facebook Policy

Facebook Location Tracking for Ads Can’t Be Turned Off

Privacy-minded users looking to turn off Facebook’s location tracking services might be out of luck. According to this Gizmodo investigation, even when users take all available steps to limit location tracking—for example, by turning off location history and not checking in to current locations—Facebook still continues to keep tabs on their whereabouts using things like IP addresses and Wi-Fi data. The information helps it continue to sell location-based ads. “There is no way for people to opt out of using location for ads entirely,” a Facebook spokesperson told Gizmodo.

Just a few months ago, Google faced heat over a similar controversy after an AP investigation found location tracking for some of its products, like Maps or its Android phones, couldn’t be fully turned off in many cases. Members of congress grilled Google about this at a recent hearing. If may not be long before Facebook earns another invitation to testify about its data practices on Capitol Hill.


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