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Sen. Warren Proposes Breaking Up Tech Giants

Senator Elizabeth Warren, a 2020 presidential candidate, called for the breakup of big tech companies like Facebook, Google and Amazon. Invoking the 1990s Microsoft antitrust case, the Massachusetts Democrat said big tech companies have too much power over “our economy, our society and our democracy,” and put small companies out of business.

The senator wrote in a Medium post that in a Warren administration, any large tech company with an annual global revenue of $25 billion or more would be designated as “platform utilities,” meaning products like Amazon Marketplace, Google ads and Google Search would have to be split apart. She also advocated unwinding mergers like Whole Foods and Amazon, Facebook and Instagram and Google and Waze.

Some of Sen. Warren’s aims would be accomplished by appointing regulators committed to unwinding anticompetitive mergers, she writes, but other proposals would have to be approved by Congress. Sen. Warren has voiced similar ideas in the past, including in 2016. The proposal will help the senator stand out in what has become a crowded presidential field. Other Democrats vying for the presidency, such as Cory Booker and Amy Klobucher, would be unlikely to go as far as Sen. Warren has. But the announcement could push rivals to get more specific about their plans for dealing with big tech. Large companies, despite their immense lobbying power in Washington, will certainly be wary of the announcement.

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