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Publishers Sue Amazon’s Audible Over Text Product

A group of book publishers, including Scholastic, Random House and Simon & Schuster, have sued Amazon-owned audiobook company, Audible, over Audible Captions, a planned audio-to-text feature the company was going to launch in its mobile app. 

In the complaint, the publishers say Audible has only licensed the audio versions of the books featured on its service, not the text versions. They also allege that they were informed by Audible that Audible Captions’ machine-generated transcriptions may have errors as high as 6%, which Bloomberg notes could account for up to 18 pages of a 300-page book. 

Amazon is no stranger to sparring with book publishers. In 2014, it fought a bitter dispute with Hachette over e-book pricing, and is still struggling with publishers on how to best resolve the issue of counterfeit books being sold through its service. 

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