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Silicon Valley Warms to Warren

Major tech donors are slowly starting to embrace Elizabeth Warren, according to Recode, even as Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has said aspects of a Warren presidency would “suck.”

The shift signals that while many Silicon Valley elite don’t like the idea of big tech companies being broken up, they are largely not single-issue voters and agree with Warren on many other policy issues.

The story points out that though tech executives may be warming to Warren, she isn’t reciprocating, skipping out on the Bay Area fundraising circuit and not toning down her anti-big tech message. Venture capitalists and early investors in companies are starting to think Warren is the most competent candidate with well-though-out policy stances, and that her tech breakup idea is more of an opening salvo than a definite plan. 

Some Silicon Valley backers complained to Recode that because Warren isn’t accepting large donations or attending fundraisers, there is no way to formally organize on her behalf. Warren’s approach differs from other Democratic candidates who are happy to still take large sums of Silicon Valley money, though they are being forced to take policy stances on tech issues because of the Massachusetts senator’s precedent-setting.


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