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New ‘Spy Chip’ Report Implicates U.S. Telecom

The “spy chip” saga continues. Bloomberg is reporting that server hardware made by San Jose-based Supermicro, which went into a major U.S. telecom’s data centers, had been tampered with by the Chinese government. This is a follow-up to Bloomberg’s story last week alleging that Supermicro hardware going into Apple and Amazon servers had been subject to similar tampering. The hardware hacks, Bloomberg writes, are designed to give attackers access to data on the computers.

Last week’s story quickly stirred controversy as companies and governments vehemently denied the veracity of the allegations. But unlike last week’s report, Bloomberg is naming one of its sources in the new story—a security expert named Yossi Appleboum who “provided documents, analysis and other evidence.” Mr. Appleboum, however, isn’t naming which U.S. telecom was affected.


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