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Microsoft Closes $7.5 Billion GitHub Acquisition

Microsoft has finalized its $7.5 billion acquisition of GitHub, a code-sharing site used by more than 30 million open-source developers, GitHub CEO Nat Friedman announced in a blog post. The deal marks the biggest test yet of Microsoft’s commitment to play by the rules of the open-source community. A key issue will be whether Microsoft allows GitHub to operate free of interference.

Putting Mr. Friedman in charge of GitHub was a smart move for Microsoft, as he is well-respected in the open-source community and previously spent several years battling Microsoft’s efforts to marginalize open-source software. Mr. Friedman’s appointment may be part of the reason why GitHub hasn’t seen an exodus of developers, as some skeptics predicted after the deal was announced in June. While Microsoft paid a hefty premium to acquire GitHub, the deal will likely be considered a success if the code-sharing site continues to attract more developers under Mr. Friedman’s leadership. 


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