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California AG’s Absence From Big Tech Probes Raises Eyebrows

It’s a head scratcher: Xavier Becerra, California’s attorney general, hasn’t joined his peers from pretty much every state in the union in their investigation of Google and Facebook for antitrust violations. 

Historically, Becerra hasn’t been afraid to go after the industry. So why stop now, especially when Google, Facebook and other major tech firms such as Apple call California home, this article from the New York Times asks. One theory the story floats is that Becerra and his team are mulling their own investigations. Asked why California had not signed on to the joint Google probe earlier this month, he responded: “How do you know we’re not investigating?”

What advantages an independent investigation by California would bring is not entirely clear. But one thing is for sure, Becerra’s cageyness on the matter remains curious, to say the least, especially since almost all other state regulators have been forthright about their inquiries into the tech giants.

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