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Andy Dent

Andy Dent

Founder CEO, Touchgram Pty Ltd

Andy is Founder & CEO of Touchgram, a messaging platform for adding more delight into your digital relationships. He's a life-long Chinese martial artist & programmer for the same 35+ years. As a technical dev in a mining town, he's worked on international products ranging from CAD to 3D stereo movies. He's often been a (very) remote team member from home in Perth, Western Australia. This includes a fun 2 years for Realm mobile database's Danish Xamarin team. Naturally a toolsmith, inspired by the Montessori motto "help me to do it for myself", his first startup was C++ dev tools in the 90's. He's now focused on creativity tools for a wider audience, starting with iMessage & with a broad ambition to help connect scattered families.

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