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The Information's 5th Annual Autonomous Vehicles Summit

Wednesday, June 9, 2021

The Information is hosting our fifth annual Autonomous Vehicle Summit on Wednesday, June 9.

This is a one-of-a-kind virtual conference for autonomous vehicle industry leaders. The Autonomous Vehicles Summit features a mix of interviews, fireside chats and breakout sessions hosted by The Information Executive Editor Amir Efrati and Founder & CEO Jessica Lessin. The half-day event will include ample time for Q&A with participants and virtual attendee networking. It is a must-attend event for operators, investors, suppliers and policy makers in the field.

Speakers to include:

  • Argo AI's Bryan Salesky, Founder & CEO
  • Waymo's Dan Chu, Chief Product Officer
  • Cruise's Oliver Cameron, VP of Product
  • HYPR's Tim Kentley Klay, Founder & CEO (and Co-founder & founding CEO, Zoox)
  • Aurora's Nat Beuse, VP of Safety
  • Torc Robotics' Michael Fleming, Co-founder & CEO
  • Daimler Truck AG's Martin Daum, Chief Executive
  • Deepen AI's Mohammad Musa, Founder & CEO
  • Nuro's Nancy Sun, Head of Systems & Safety
  • Motional's Laura Major, CTO    
  • AEye's Founder & CTO, Luis Dussan
  • Locomation's Co-founder & CEO, Çetin Meriçli

Among the topics we'll be exploring:

  • How to run a lean (or leaner) R&D operation and reduce cash burn
  • Latest machine learning research applicable to self-driving vehicles
  • What venture capitalists want to fund in and around the industry
  • How much to rely on neural networks for automated driving; supervised vs. unsupervised learning
  • Progress with semi-automated/driver-assistance tech such as Tesla Autopilot
  • What metrics the industry should share publicly in order to prove software is safe
  • What automated road vehicle developers can learn from aviation and aerospace
  • Where automated truck and delivery robot prototypes are heading and what stands in their way
  • Scaling automated driving software from one city to the next

Attendees & Participating Companies: Over 450 people are registered for the 2021 Autonomous Vehicles Summit. Past attendee companies include: Waymo, Uber, Lyft, Zoox, Voyage, SoftBank, Toyota, Daimler/Mercedes-Benz, Aurora, GM, Cruise, Baidu, Aptiv, Didi, Flexport, Sequoia Capital, Capital Group, Fidelity Investments, Ford/Argo, Nuro, Airbnb, Amazon, Bosch, Magna, Nvidia, Honda, ARM, Volvo, Facebook and Google.

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Wednesday, June 9, 2021
11:00 am - 3:30 pm
Virtual Event
Who Can Attend

This event is free for The Information subscribers only. If you are not currently a subscriber, you can purchase a subscription here.


Dan Chu
Chief Product Officer,

Nancy Sun
Head of Systems & Safety,

Bryan Salesky
Founder & CEO,
Argo AI

Tim Kentley Klay
Founder & CEO, Hypr.AI &
Co-founder & founding CEO, Zoox

Michael Fleming
Co-founder & CEO,
TORC Robotics

Nat Beuse
VP of Safety,

Laura Major

Mohammad Musa
Founder & CEO,
Deepen AI

Oliver Cameron
VP, Product,
Martin Daum
Chief Executive,
Daimler Truck AG

Luis Dussan
Founder & CTO,

Çetin Meriçli
Co-founder & CEO,
11:00am PT
(2:00pm ET)

Opening Remarks & State of the Industry

  • Amir Efrati, Executive Editor, The Information
11:10am PT
(2:10pm ET)
Bryan Salesky, Founder & CEO, Argo AI in conversation with Amir Efrati, Executive Editor, The Information
12:00pm PT
(3:00pm ET)

Breakout Sessions start [First set]

  • Truck Out: ‘Pure Play’ vs. ‘Boil the Ocean’
    • Michael Fleming, Co-Founder & CEO, Torc Robotics
    • Martin Daum, Chief Executive, Daimler Truck AG
    • Moderated by: Amir Efrati, Executive Editor, The Information
  • Proving the Robots are Safe
    • Mohammad Musa, Founder & CEO, Deepen AI
    • Laura Major, CTO, Motional
    • Nancy Sun, Head of Systems & Safety, Nuro
    • Moderated by: Cory Weinberg, Reporter, The Information
12:50pm PT
(3:50pm ET)

Breakout Sessions start [Second set]

  • Safety Net
    • Nat Beuse, VP of Safety, Aurora
    • Moderated by Jessica Lessin, Founder & CEO, The Information
  • Boeing it Right
    • Luis Dussan, Founder & CTO, AEye
    • Çetin Meriçli, Co-founder & CEO, Locomation
    • Moderated by Amir Efrati, Executive Editor, The Information
1:40pm PT
(4:40pm ET)
Tim Kentley Klay (Co-founder & founding CEO, Zoox, Founder & CEO, HYPR) in conversation with Amir Efrati, Executive Editor, The Information
2:00pm PT
(5:00pm ET)

Robotaxi Report Card

The product chiefs of Waymo and Cruise discuss their companies’ progress, challenges and difference in approach.

  • Dan Chu, Chief Product Officer, Waymo & Oliver Cameron, VP, Product, Cruise in conversation with Amir Efrati, Executive Editor, The Information
2:40pm PT
(5:40pm ET)
Attendee networking
3:30pm PT
(6:30pm ET)
Event concludes

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