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Video Summit

Startup Winners in the AI Boom

Friday, August 14, 2020 • 12:00 pm - 12:45 pm

This event has passed. You can find the full recording of the call here.

This week Amir published two deep investigations into the state of AI, here and here. Join us as he and leading AI startup CEOs and founders discuss his work and take your questions. 

Topics to include:

  • How the AI startup industry will unfold as competition intensifies
  • Progress in selling AI to non-software companies and large enterprises
  • Recent developments in machine learning, including a new language generator called GPT-3
  • New AI products and services entering the market
  • The role of Amazon Web Services, including its forthcoming AI training chip, as well as Google and Microsoft
  • Ethical questions about some uses of machine learning
  • And more!

About the Speakers:

  • Ali Ghodsi  is the Co-founder and CEO of Databricks, responsible for the growth and international expansion of the company. He previously served as the VP of Engineering and Product Management before taking the role of CEO in January 2016. In addition to his work at Databricks, Ali serves as an adjunct professor at UC Berkeley and is on the board at UC Berkeley’s RiseLab.
  • Aparna Dhinakaran is the Co-founder and CPO of Arize AI. Prior to founding Arize AI, she was pursuing a PhD in Computer Vision at Cornell and left to found her YCombinator backed startup, MonitorML. Prior to starting her PhD, she spent time as a software engineer at Uber, Apple, and Tubemogul (acquired by Adobe).
  • Alexandr Wang is the Co-founder and CEO of Scale, which accelerates its customers' AI development by democratizing access to intelligent data (companies using Scale include Lyft, Cruise, and nuTonomy). After dropping out of M.I.T. to become a teenage tech lead at Quora, Alexandr founded Scale in 2016 and became the youngest entrepreneur ever funded by Accel. Named a Forbes 30 Under 30 honoree, Alexandr is a frequent speaker on the current AI challenges faced by autonomous vehicle innovators.
  • Brandon Reeves is a Principal at Lux Capital. He works with companies in the areas of data & machine learning infrastructure, developer tools, cryptonetworks, and companies going after antiquated or regulated industries. Prior to joining Lux, Brandon was on the investment team at Capricorn Investment Group.
  • Lukas Biewald is the Founder & CEO of Weights & Biases, a machine learning startup. Prior to that, he founded a machine learning training data labeling company called Figure Eight, formerly known as CrowdFlower. Before that, he was a Senior Scientist and Manager within the Ranking and Management Team at Powerset, Inc., a natural language search technology company later acquired by Microsoft. Lukas has also led the Search Relevance Team for Yahoo! Japan.
  • Amir Efrati helped launch The Information in 2013. His reporting on Uber's corporate practices and on the dangers and limits of self-driving vehicle development won consecutive Best in Business awards from the Society for Advancing Business Editing and Writing (SABEW) in 2017, 2018, and 2019, respectively. Before The Information, he spent nine years at the Wall Street Journal.
This event has passed.
Friday, August 14, 2020
12:00 pm - 12:45 pm PDT
Zoom Webinar. Registered subscribers will receive the Zoom link via email 1 hour prior to the event.

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Ali Ghodsi

Co-founder & CEO,


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Aparna Dhinakaran

Co-founder & CPO,

Arize AI

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Alex Wang

Founder & CEO,

Scale AI

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Brandon Reeves


Lux Capital

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Lukas Biewald

Founder & CEO,

Weights & Biases

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Amir Efrati

Senior Reporter,

The Information