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The New Face of Gaming: Building an Inclusive Online Community

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

This event has passed. You can find the full recording of the call here.

Gaming is seeing explosive growth as generations old and new turn to new forms of entertainment. The demographic has also shifted to one that truly looks like the general population. More women and minorities are joining online gaming communities than ever before. However, the social element within these new super platforms is illuminating a need for shifting thinking from product-focus to service-oriented to keep players safe from rough play and bullying. How are gaming platforms capitalizing on hypergrowth while also maintaining an inclusive environment? In this conversation, we’ll convene gaming executives to discuss how they think about building an inclusive online community, how they moderate behavior and how they plan to expand the gaming ecosystem.

About the speakers:

  • Rachel Franklin is the SVP of Positive Play at Electronic Arts (EA), where she's leading EA’s commitment to delivering player experiences that are inclusive, safe and fair. She was previously VP/GM of Maxis and the executive producer of The Sims 4. Before re-joining EA, she was head of the Facebook Social VR team.
  • Paul Snyder is the Team Captain of Central Player Dynamics at Riot Games. He is the Product Lead for Riot's worldwide efforts to promote player cohesion and eliminate the impact of disruptive behavior in its communities through design, policy, and technology. Prior to joining Riot, he was Head of Safety for Xbox. 
  • Christian Kelly is the Managing Director of Accenture Strategy. He is currently helping clients to make better product development decisions, define what products and services to create and develop next-generation R&D practices for complex hardware-software-services combinations.
  • Jessica Lessin founded The Information in 2013 and is the publication’s Editor-in-Chief. She covered Silicon Valley and the technology industry for eight years at the Wall Street Journal. Jessica graduated from Harvard University in 2005 and lives in San Francisco.
This event has passed.
Tuesday, May 25, 2021
11:00 am - 11:45 am PDT
Zoom Webinar. Registered subscribers will receive the Zoom link via email 1 hour prior to the event.

Rachel Franklin
SVP, Positive Play,
Electronic Arts

Paul Snyder
Team Captain of Central Player Dynamics,
Riot Games

Christian Kelly
Managing Director,
Accenture Strategy

Jessica Lessin
Founder & CEO,
The Information
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