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How to Build a Work-From-Home Team Machine

Thursday, March 19, 2020 • 11:00 am - 11:45 am

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So your company has moved to WFH. Now what?

As teams across the Bay Area and country delve into remote work, we want to share best practices on how to make sure this is a productive time for your company.

We'll address the pitfalls as well as the opportunities, with examples from Silicon Valley's leading companies. 

Guest Speakers:

  • Laszlo Bock was a long-time senior vice president of People Operations at Google and now runs Humu, a firm he co-founded. Humu's Nudge Engine technology transforms organizations at scale using small, personal steps based on science, machine learning, and a little love. Laszlo joins the call to share their data around practical, small steps everyone can take to better weather this storm. He'll also share his team's WFH policy, their infinite video conferences, useful resources and how his team is focusing on compassion.

  • Ali Rayl is the Vice President of Customer Experience at Slack. Ali is responsible for making the working lives of Slack’s millions of users simpler and more productive. Ali joins the call to share both sides of the equation. She'll share not only how they are optimizing their team's WFH experience over at Slack but the knowledge they've gathered from working with their own customers.

  • Michael McBride is Chief Revenue Officer at GitLab which is an open core company that develops a complete DevOps platform, delivered as a single application, fundamentally changing the way Software Development, Security, and Ops teams collaborate. GitLab is used by more than 100,000 organizations and millions of users. He has 24 years of experience leading global teams at high-growth companies including Meraki, Lookout, Good Technology, DeNA and others ranging from founding stage to public company stage.  Michael joins the call to share how GitLab has always operated 100% remotely with 1,200 team members in 67 countries and without a single office. He will give insight into the strategies and best practices they have been sharing with other exec teams over the past few weeks. As an extremely transparent company, they document everything they do in a public handbook and have summarized keys to successful remote operations on their website to help others learn given the recent adjustments many companies have made.

  • Brandon Taleisnik is currently the Head of Operations at On Deck, previously worked for SpaceX and Delta, and was the first employee at a startup acquired by delivery.com. On Deck is a community where top product, engineering, and operating talent goes to explore their next move. A few of the things they've built are: an 8-week Fellowship Program (cohorts of 150 founders that are in the early days of starting their next company), Via (referral-based hiring platform), and Cosign (a peer-to-peer credential creating the most accurate professional relationship graph). Brandon joins the call to walk us through some of the more creative ways (virtual carpools, dinner clubs, etc) they are leveraging remote technology to replicate the relationship-building dynamics that happen during in-person interactions. 
This event has passed.
Thursday, March 19, 2020
11:00 am - 11:45 am PDT
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