The People Who Matter at Uber

Photos by Bloomberg, AP, Didi Chuxing, Uber, Flickr/TechCrunch. Visualization by Ian Civgin.
Photos by Bloomberg, AP, Didi Chuxing, Uber, Flickr/TechCrunch. Visualization by Ian Civgin.

Uber has seen an exodus of senior managers in recent weeks, amid heightened scrutiny of its workplace culture prompted by sexual harassment allegations by a former engineer. Among the people who’ve left or announced departures, either under pressure or for other reasons, are three executives who reported to CEO Travis Kalanick: ridesharing president Jeff Jones (ostensibly the No. 2 executive for Uber’s core business); head of growth Ed Baker; and engineering vice president Amit Singhal. Other departures include mapping chief Brian McClendon, who had reported to Mr. Singhal.

Meanwhile Mr. Kalanick has said he is looking for a chief operating officer to help him run the company, news we first reported

In the light of these events, we’ve updated our Uber org chart. We plan to keep updating this chart as Uber’s management evolves in coming months.

(Below is our original story from last August.)

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However, a technology collaboration between Uber and Didi in things like autonomous vehicles and mapping makes a lot of sense. People involved with both companies say they are open to the idea. After all, both firms stand to gain if autonomous vehicles become a commodity—and everything to lose if a company like Google has a multi-year head start.

This article has been updated with more information.

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Below are 70 of the top employees at the on-demand ride company, including operations (the biggest group) and three organizations that are gaining importance within the company—engineering, autonomous vehicle research and growth.Last updated March 24, 2017

Travis Kalanick

CEO & Co-Founder

Open Seat


Travis Kalanick’s Direct Reports

Open Seat

President, Ridesharing

Thuan Pham


Emil Michael

M&A and Partnerships

Daniel Graf

"Acting" Chief of Product & Growth

Ryan Graves

Resident Entrepreneur and Builder

Anthony Levandowski

Autonomous Vehicles

Rachel Whetstone

PR & Public Policy

Joe Sullivan

Security & Privacy

Gautam Gupta


Salle Yoo

General Counsel

Jeff Holden

Special Products

Liane Hornsey

Chief HR Officer

Liane Hornsey’s Direct Reports


Bernard C. Coleman III

Head of Diversity

Ryan Graves’s Direct Reports


Jason Droege

Head of Uber Everything (Uber Rush, Eats, and Essentials)

Jason Droege’s Direct Reports


Curtis Chambers

Head of Engineering, Uber Everything

Thuan Pham’s Direct Reports


Ganesh Srinivasan

Develops Features for Riders & Drivers

AG Gangadhar

Head of Infrastructure

Komal Mangtani

Head of Business Intelligence Engineering

Paw Andersen

Infrastructure for Dispatch Systems, Marketplace Services

Open Seat

Mapping & Geo Services

Shobhana Ahluwalia

Head of IT/Technology Services

Ganesh Srinivasan’s Direct Reports


Akash Garg

Mobile Platform

Pedram Keyani

Engineering for Growth Features

AG Gangadhar’s Direct Reports


Nikhil Kasinadhuni

Site Reliability Engineering

Sanjeev Kumar

Head of Core Infrastructure

Mapping & Geo Services’ Direct Reports


Chris Blumenberg

Head of Logistics & Mapping

Manik Gupta

Head of Product for Maps

Chris Blumenberg’s Direct Reports


Bill Chen

Core Routing

Emil Michael’s Direct Reports


David Richter

VP Strategic Initiatives

Cameron Poetzscher

VP Corporate Development, Fundraising & Acquisitions

Matt Wyndowe

Head of Product Partnerships

Eric Alexander

Head of Asia Partnerships & Growth Strategy

Fraser Robinson

Head of EMEA Business

Craig Nicol

Head of Partnerships

Travis Bogard

Head of Uber for Business

Adrian Agostini

VP of Revenue, Enterprise Sales

Cameron Poetzscher’s Direct Reports


Yibo Ling

Fundraising & Partnerships

Matt Wyndowe’s Direct Reports


J. Kim Fennell

deCarta CEO

Marc Prioleau

Location-Based-Services Partnerships

Travis Bogard’s Direct Reports


Julie Herendeen

Global Head of Enterprise Marketing

Dan Graf’s Direct Reports


Aaron Schildkrout

Head of Global Growth & Data Science; Head of Driver Products

Peter Deng

Head of Rider Product

Vinay Ramani

Head of International Growth

Ethan Eismann

Product Design

Marcos Weskamp

Marketplace Design

Aaron Schildkraut’s Direct Reports


Andrew Chen

Rider Acquisition

Tom Fallows

Rider Engagement

Tom Fallows’s Direct Reports


Chris Saad

Head of Product, Uber Developer Platform

Anthony Levandowski’s Direct Reports


Lior Ron

Co-Founder at Otto, Autonomous Trucks

Don Burnette

Co-Founder at Otto, Autonomous Trucks

Claire Delaunay

Co-Founder at Otto, Autonomous Trucks

David Stager

Advanced Tech Group

Paw Anderson

Advanced Tech Group

Rachel Whetstone’s Direct Reports


Jill Hazelbaker

VP Corporate Communications

Betsy Masiello

Head of Public Policy

Jill Hazelbaker’s Direct Reports


Shari Doherty

Head of Product & Engineering Communications

Nairi Hourdajian

Corporate Communications

Matt Kallman

Corporate Communications

Joe Sullivan’s Direct Reports


John Flynn

Chief Information Security Officer

Gautam Gupta’s Direct Reports


Ian Kleinfield

Prabir Adarkar

Chris Lapointe

President of Ridesharing’s Direct Reports


Rachel Holt

Regional Manager, Uber U.S. & Canada

Pierre-Dimitri Gore-Coty


Andrew MacDonald

Regional Manager, Uber Latin America & Asia

Austin Geidt

Head of Global Expansion & Process

Troy Stevenson

Customer Support

Pierre-Demitri Gore-Coty’s Direct Reports


Jo Bertram

Regional Manager, Northern Europe

Jason Droege’s Direct Reports


Curtis Chambers

Head of Engineering, Uber Everything

Rachel Holt’s Direct Reports


Kellyn Kenny

VP of Growth Marketing

Andrew MacDonald’s Direct Reports


Allen Penn

Asia Operations

Amit Jain

Uber India Chief

Allen Penn’s Direct Reports


Michael Brown

Regional Manager, Asia (excl. India)

Key Open Positions

  • Chief Operating Officer (search is ongoing)
  • Head of Growth & Product
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Ridesharing President (it's unclear if COO will encompass this role)
  • Mapping & Geo Chief

Quick Facts

  • Operates globally, except China
  • Holds 17.7% stake in China’s Didi Chuxing
  • Post-money paper valuation of $68 billion, mid-2016
  • Equity funding: ~$10 billion

Board of Directors

Travis Kalanick

Uber CEO & Co-Founder

Garrett Camp

Uber Co-Founder & Chairman

Bill Gurley


Arianna Huffington

Founder & CEO, Thrive Global

Ryan Graves

Resident Entrepreneur and Builder

David Plouffe

Former Head of Communications & Policy at Uber


David Bonderman

Founding Partner at TPG Capital

Yasir Al Rumayyan

Saudi Public Investment Fund

Cheng Wei

CEO, Didi Chuxing


David Krane

CEO & Managing Partner, GV


For a company that considers itself the of vehicular transportation, and could generate $4 billion in revenue this year, it’s strange that Uber lacks a CFO.