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Lawmakers Question Jeff Bezos on Children’s Privacy

The consumer privacy debate that has engulfed Facebook is beginning to ripple toward Amazon. Democratic Senator Ed Markey of Massachusetts and Texas GOP Rep. Joe Barton have sent a letter to Jeff Bezos with 12 questions around how the Amazon Echo Dot Kid’s Edition handles children’s data.

The questions include whether audio interactions children have with the devices are recorded and saved, whether parents can review or delete recordings, and if Amazon will maintain profiles of kids and if so, how they would be used. The lawmakers also asked how long Amazon will keep the information and whether third parties will have access to it.

The questions get into the implications of these devices on child development. Did Amazon consult child development experts on how these devices would affect the kids who use them?

It’s worth reading all 12 questions in full to get a glimpse of how lawmakers are thinking about the impact of technology on society. These questions also come as The Information is reporting on the security flaws in Amazon’s smart home devices. We’re looking forward to reading Amazon’s responses.


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