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Amazon Reportedly Plans to Stop Using Oracle Software by 2020

Amazon has made significant progress in moving off its e-commerce operations off of  Oracle’s database software and plans to stop using it entirely by 2020, according to this report from CNBC. This puts a more precise timeframe on our story in January that Amazon had moved some of its core e-commerce systems off of Oracle’s database software as part of a long-term effort to stop using Oracle software.

In addition to highlighting the growing animosity between Amazon and Oracle, CNBC’s report shows that large customers are deciding to weather the considerable hassle and expense of switching database software in order to completely cut ties with Oracle. Salesforce, another longtime Oracle database customer, is developing its own database software and plans to move off Oracle completely by 2023, we reported in January.

While Amazon is reportedly moving off Oracle for performance-related reasons, other large Oracle customers are fed up with the company’s aggressive sales tactics, as we reported in May. If Amazon and Salesforce can pull off the switch without interruptions to their business operations, that could embolden other Oracle customers to follow suit. 


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