Reality Check
Below is a collection of every Reality Check article by The Information.
A person uses an iPhone 12 Pro with a LiDAR scanner on it last October. Photo by Bloomberg.
An image from Google's new Sodar AR app. Photo by Google
A marketing image from Hologate.
An image used to promote Apple’s upcoming WWDC event.
Microsoft’s HoloLens-based headset for the military. Image: Microsoft
Magic Leap's headset. Photo by Magic Leap
Niantic released a partial view of an early design of AR glasses.
A virtual gathering on Rec Room. Image: Rec Room
A screenshot of VRChat. Image from VRChat
A Rec Room screenshot. Image provided by Rec Room
Screenshot of “Half-Life: Alyx.” Image: Valve
A Mojo Vision AR contact lens. Photo provided by the company
A prototype of Facebook’s neural interface wristband. Image: Facebook
Vive Facial Tracker. Image: HTC
An Ikea mobile AR app for furniture shopping. Photo from Ikea
A customer wearing a pair of AirPods Max headphones at an Apple store in South Korea. Photo by Bloomberg
A Google Cardboard VR viewer in 2015. Photo by Bloomberg
A marketing image from Roblox.
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg at an Oculus event in 2018. Photo by Bloomberg
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Photo by Bloomberg