Mathew Olson


Mathew writes Reality Check, The Information's AR/VR newsletter. His journalism career began with a freelancing gig at Wirecutter, followed by a role at Digg in 2016, where he covered tech, entertainment and internet culture at large. His work has included data-driven analyses of the Oscars and an investigation of the Fyre Festival debacle. In 2019, Mathew joined the team at USgamer, tackling daily news alongside features on video game development, hardware, VR titles and arcades. Mathew grew up in the tech-saturated Puget Sound, studied economics at Reed College and currently lives in Queens, New York with his partner and a small rabbit named Pablo.

Hugo Barra at an Oculus event in 2018. Photo by Bloomberg
Snap’s Spectacles 3 smart glasses. Image: Snap
A marketing image of people playing Resolution’s Demeo game. Image: Resolution Games
Players of Niantic's Harry Potter Wizards Unite at a Niantic-sponsored event in Indianapolis in 2019. Image: Niantic
Children played virtual reality games during an exhibition in Guangzhou, China, in 2017. Photo: AP
A cleanroom worker in an II-VI laser components factory. Photo: Apple
A Fortnite player at E3 in 2019. Photo by Bloomberg
Epic CEO Tim Sweeney returned to the U.S. district court after a break in Oakland, Calif., on Monday. Photo: Bloomberg
An AR/VR-focused GDC event in San Francisco in 2019. Image: GDC
Stanford's Jeremy Bailenson. Photo provided by Bailenson
A mock-up of how MicroVision's Lidar sensor for autonomous vehicles works. Picture by MicroVision.
A pilot in a VRM Switzerland VR helicopter trainer. Image: VRM Switzerland
The customization interface for Oculus’ new avatars, showcasing several body shape options. Image: Facebook
A screenshot from Lone Echo 2. Image from Ready at Dawn/Oculus Studios
Apple's Raja Bose discusses Apple's M1 chip at the company's spring event on Tuesday. Screenshot via
Joseph Jerome of Common Sense Media.
A rendering of a surgeon using a VR headset. Image: Vicarious Surgical
A screenshot of FitXR’s boxing program. Image: FitXR
The Oculus Quest 2. Image: Facebook