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Wayne Ma


Wayne Ma is a reporter for The Information in Hong Kong. He was previously at Dow Jones Newswires and The Wall Street Journal for 10 years in Singapore, Beijing and Hong Kong, where he covered everything from oil trading to China's biggest conglomerates and technology companies. Originally from Chicago, he is a graduate of New York University's business and economic reporting program.

An advertisement for Tencent's WeChat Pay displayed outside a restaurant in Hong Kong last September. Photo: Bloomberg
Workers at a Pegatron Corp. factory in Shanghai, China in 2016. Photo by Bloomberg
Workers at a Foxconn assembly line in Shenzhen, China. Photo by Bloomberg
A pedestrian walks past an Apple retail store in Shenzhen. In recent months, Apple has resumed sending some U.S. employees to China to meet with its manufacturing partners. Photo: Associated Press
Photos by Bloomberg; photo illustration by Mike Sullivan