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Our Top 10 Stories of 2018

What a year. Our ten most popular stories of 2018 exposed how dreams met reality for major tech giants as high fliers stumbled and reckoned with major missteps and setbacks. But it wasn't all bad news. Pieces about Netflix's innovative management approach and Uber's efforts to remake itself also made the list. If you missed them, or want to refresh your memory on the lessons they hold, you can catch up here. The list is below. We hope you enjoy! 

1. The Seven Year Itch: How Apple's Marriage to Siri Turned Sour

2. How Netflix's Management Structure is Rewriting the Hollywood Script

3. Deep Confusion: Tensions Lingered Within Google Over Deepmind

4. How Lyft's Missteps Killed Its Chances of Overtaking Uber

5. Waymo's Big Ambitions Slowed by Tech Trouble

6. The People With Power at Facebook

7. How Evan Spiegel Fumbled Snap's Redesign

8. Inside the World of Eddy Cue, Apple's Services Chief

9. Uber's New Look

10. Social Capital Founder Gives His Account of Turmoil at Firm

Jessica Lessin founded The Information in 2013 after reporting on Silicon Valley for eight years for the Wall Street Journal. She regularly writes about all things tech, media and the wild ride both industries are in for. She can be found on Twitter at @jessicalessin.

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