Kaya Yurieff


Kaya Yurieff joined The Information in April 2021 to launch the creator economy newsletter. Previously, she covered technology and social media platforms at CNN, including an investigation into customers baiting Instacart workers with false promises of large tips, which prompted four senators to call for an FTC investigation. Kaya has also written about YouTuber burnout, how parents are navigating their teens’ sudden TikTok fame and major brands inadvertently advertising on extremist YouTube channels, resulting in at least one company pausing advertising on the platform. She started her journalism career writing breaking news at TheStreet. She is fluent in Polish. Based in New York, she can be reached at kaya@theinformation.com. Follow her on Twitter @kyurieff.

Patreon CEO Jack Conte. Photo credit: Patreon
Maroon 5 performs on Feb. 27, 2020. Photo: AP
Photo by Bloomberg
Photo by Bloomberg
Pinterest CEO Ben Silbermann. Photo by Bloomberg
Photo by Bloomberg
Photo: Bloomberg
Images of live-shopping app NTWRK. Photo: NTWRK
Photos of Simsim, courtesy of the company.
Rex Woodbury. Photo: Index Ventures
Makeup artist and influencer Jeremiah Jacques. Photo: Jeremiah Jacques
Substack CEO Chris Best. Photo: Substack
Basketball stars and twins Hanna Cavinder (left) and Haley Cavinder. Photo: AP
Willa CEO Kristofer Sommestad. Photo: Willa
Doja Cat attends the iHeartRadio Music Awards on May 27, 2021, in Los Angeles. Photo: AP
Kimberly Nicole Foster, who runs the “For Harriet” YouTube channel. Photo: Kimberly Nicole Foster
Cameo CEO Steven Galanis. Photo: Cameo
Facebook chief product officer Chris Cox. Photo: Bloomberg